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Greetings from Debbi O!

Debbi O is a new maternity line of soft, vibrant fabrics and sexy silhouettes that will make any pregnant woman feel beautiful and true to her taste throughout her nine month journey and beyond. The new collection consists of classic sportswear, daywear, and eveningwear. Our pieces are comfortable and easy to wear, and take the expectant mother from day to night. Our fit transcends body-type and works for every pregnant woman.

The tag line says it all. New Look. New Life.

Industry maven, Debbi O Schulman, has been dressing millions of pregnant woman for the last 25 years in mass-market retailers, department, and specialty stores all over the world. She's also been 'behind-the-scenes' styling and merchandising for magazine shoots, TV shows, fashion shows, and celebrities.

The Debbi O line is a perfect mix of must-have maternity clothing which appeals to the young, hip mother as well as the sophisticated working woman. Please check back here for tips and styling on the Debbi O collection.




Debbi O

463 Seventh Avenue
Suite 1106
New York, NY 10018

T: 212-244-1322



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